About Us

AERO Race Wheels is the leading manufacturer of high-quality steel racing wheels for dirt and asphalt racing. All of our wheels are Made in the USA at our headquarters in Estherville, IA!

We pride ourselves on continuous product improvement and consistent service and support for all our customers. Our motto, “Surpassing the Standard” is our motivation for everything we do. Currently, we are upgrading our manufacturing processes with a new CNC rim spin former along with several additional pieces of specialized rim and disc production equipment. AERO employees and production management are all dedicated individuals who each take personal pride in producing the hundreds of race wheels that we turn out daily. The hard work doesn’t stop there. With the help of the office, sales and marketing staff, those wheels get to you, the racer, via our strong distributor and dealer network, in a timely fashion.

We put our customers first and we appreciate the loyalty the racer’s have for our company. We are willing to work with anyone who has a question or a problem. The only way to stay on top is to listen to the people putting us there. Everyone here at AERO welcomes your comments and thoughts. Thank you for using AERO Race Wheels, your support is greatly appreciated.

Our History

In 1995, AERO Race Wheels, located in Estherville, Iowa, was established by current owner F.L. “Skip” Miller on the conviction that this company and its dedicated staff could provide higher quality wheels designed specifically to endure the tough requirements and conditions of the racing industry. Most importantly, the wheels needed to be manufactured and marketed while maintaining an affordable price structure. Since then, we have become the largest premier steel racing wheel supplier and our product line speaks for itself. It’s not an understatement to say that we have made our mark in the racing community in just a short time.

AERO wheels can be seen accessorizing the locals at the dirt and asphalt tracks across the nation, as well as a majority of the teams on the Sprint Cup circuit. In fact, since November 2nd of 1997, AERO’s 59 Series NASCAR wheel has won more Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Series races than all other brands combined.