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36 Series

Aero Race Wheels 36 Series steel wheels are designed for oval track use. The CNC spun-formed 36 Series wheels have extremely low run-outs with rolled-in safety beads. They feature a 7-hole D-window center disc made of HSLA material with a new torque ring design. Recommended for oval track use. Designed for vehicles up to 2500 lbs. Features rolled-in safety beads. Must use 1 inch O.D. lug nuts with 45 degree taper. Weighs only 13 lbs.

Available Sizes
BOLT PATTERNS4x4 - 13 lbs4x4 - 14 lbs
4x4.25 - 13 lbs4x4.25 - 14 lbs
4x4.5 - 13 lbs4x4.5 - 14 lbs
Finish Options
SilverBlue ChromeYellow Chrome
BlackFlo. Yellow ChromePurple Chrome
ChromeFlo. Orange ChromeRed Chrome
Flat BlackFlo. Pink Chrome
WhiteGold Chrome
Black ChromeGreen Chrome
Misc Dimensions
5/8″ valve hole
1/2″ or small studs
2.750″ pilot hole dia 4X4 and 4X4.25
3.00″ pilot hole dia 4X4.5
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